Relaxing Massage



Heal Your Body. Heal Your Mind.

I use various methods to both align and keep your body and spirit in balance.

My philosophy is that massage can help unlock the power to release tension , relax the mind, and restore mind-body-spirit. 

During your session I will treat all of you, focusing on the areas where you mental, emotional, and physical tension is stored in your body. 

Hot Stone Massage
Back Massage

Therapeutic Massage

This massage style is a combination of various Deep Tissue, Sports and Medical Massage techniques that are more focused on working the muscles of the body and addressing chronic and persistent muscle tensions and aches. Often from an active lifestyle, and/or physically or a mentally demanding job. 


This massage style requires a bit more interaction between the massage therapist and client to gauge the pressure and stretching.


" Lisa was excellent. Extremely professional and on time. She made sure to ask what I wanted and what my expectations were before beginning. Overall it was a great massage: I feel so much better!"


"Omg Lisa is the Bomb!! She knows the human anatomy, asks how the pressure is, tells, tells and gives you recommendations on things to keep the knots out. I will be returning to her monthly. Thank you so much. My body and muscles are extremely  happy! :)"


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