Top 5 Things to Do In Between Your Last Massage Session and Yoga Class.

Updated: Jul 15

Stressed? Tired? Sore? And feeling Rundown? Feel like you need to book a massage or hit the Yoga Mat? While these are amazing things we can do to nurture ourselves, there are things you can do in between a great massage or yoga session to really up your well-being and banish burnout.

1.) Create a morning Routine

Begin your day with what makes you feel happy to be in your body and not with the first thing being emails and social media. Create your own morning a.m. practice, such as spending a few minutes meditating, journaling, moving through Sun Salutations, or starting your day with your favorite smoothie bowl.

2.) Find A Little Silence

Take a Moment to breath and allow yourself to be in silence. Close your eyes, take a long deep inhalation through your nose, let your belly be loose and fill like a balloon, Slowly release the breath with a soft haaa from your mouth and feel the air release from the belly like a balloon releasing the air. Take a moment to return to your normal breathing and take in the silence. If a thought comes up then label it thought and let it drift away like a leaf on a still pond, and return to your breath taking a few more of those long deep belly breaths.

3.) Nourish your Skin and Muscles.

Mineral salts, essential oils, organic body butters, creams and body oils are great tools to have around to help with achy muscles, fatigue, dry skin or help induce relaxation. A little Lavender or lemon grass oil with some Epson salt or mineral salts from the Mediterranean or dead sea can replenish your potassium and magnesium as well as easy your central nervous system.

4.) Take an Outdoor Break.

Taking time to be in nature, be it a forest, beach or a local park has relaxing and invigorating

5.) Get a Good Night's Rest

Getting at least 7 hours of sleep is great for taking care of your mind and body. During our sleep cycles, especially deep REM sleep, our bodies repair.

Getting sleep is also great for feeling your best in your waking hours.


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