Virtual Yoga & Meditation Classes

Hatha Yoga

Yoga to Renew

For Your Inner Peace.

Wherever you are, you can join our Online Yoga Class by registering on the site. LL Yoga Massage is happening online, and available for everyone interested in joining, wherever you are.

Taking part in our Online Yoga Class has never been easier. Just follow the instructions below:


1) We will send you an email a few days before the event with a Zoom link. Save this link—you will need it to join the event.

2) Install Zoom on your computer. Pro tip: test out your audio and video to make sure that they are both working properly.


3) At the time of the event, simply click on the link to join.


4) You should receive a prompt to open Zoom on your computer. Click “Open Zoom” to open the program.


5) That’s it—you’re in!

Monday Mornings

Morning Gentle Flow

Begin your week with a powerful and gentle yoga practice to ease you into the rest of the week.

In this class we focus on gentle slow flow and breath work to warm the body and mind.

Tuesday Evenings

Evening Restorative Yoga

Enjoy a mid-week treat for your body and your mind. Relax, unwind, and let go of the weeks stresses.

In this class we focus on releasing mental and physical tension by combining restorative, yin yoga, and guided meditation. 

Sunday Evenings

Weekend Yoga Nidra

Drift away into a sleep-like state.Train your mind and body for deep relaxation and a deeper state of sleep.


In this practice we focus on sensing the body and mindfully breathing to trigger the relaxation response in your body.

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